Commissioned for the 2017 Light City Baltimore Festival through the Baltimore Office of Promotion and Arts, this collaborative project with visual artist Jann Rosen-Queralt and curator Kirsten Walsh was supported by the Maryland Science Center, in front of which it is sited. 

The immersive sculpture and video installation is inspired by the Greek myth, Jason and the Argonauts' Quest for the Golden Fleece. 

Argo’s massive scale invites people to enter the piece, passing through each of the rib-like structures as the video and LED lights weave the tale of threats to water health and quality. The physical form of the work is based on an inverted boat hull, reminiscient of Argos, the mythic ship. Jann Rosen-Queralt, a noted public artist and sculptor, built this element of Argo.

I combined videos sourced from publicly available footage as well as original footage captured by Jann and I, into a 13 minute long video which was projected on both sides of the massive sculpture. The interior of the work is alive with a changing LED light sequence programmed in collaboration with Jann. The themes of the video circulate from the power and beauty of water, industrial pollution, storm water runoff and agricultural water use and issues prevalent for the regions’ changing water systems.