The sun and the season bring heat and variations of color to our lives - especially when within view of the sunrise and sunset. I have explored many avenues of chromatic intensity, form, and transformative images in other works. For these pieces I use warm, smooth colors to present layers of intensity. The layers create a sense of space and infinity that is reinforced by contrast-rich colors. The images seem to "glow" with light - recalling electricity as in Hierarchy, or the rising and setting sun as Compression or Continuum Reiterated

From the perspective of physics, all particles also have a wave nature (and vice versa). Here, I make use of different photographic methods to capture images which portray light as particle, wave, structure, and form. Some are straight photographs (polaroid/digital) while others are what I call "composite prints" - like Continuum - straight photographs that have been digitally collaged, repeated or restructured. The rich, saturated colors function as a response to and representation of a sense of "visual vibrance" or warmth that is possible of the right sunset or sunrise, no matter the time of year.

Two pieces of this collection, Continuum Reiterated and Hierarchy, were selected for a 2012 regional student exhibition called "Formality", Curated by Cara Ober. See a write-up on the website  

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  • Hierarchy, 2012

    Digital Pigment Print, 13"x17"

  • Waves' Crescendo, 2012

    Archival Inkjet Print, 11"x14" Enlarged Polaroid 669 image

  • Wave vs. Particle, 2012

    Archival Inkjet Print, 10"x15" Enlarged Polaroid 669 image

  • Particulate, 2012

    Archival Inkjet Print, 11"x14" Enlarged Polaroid 669 Image.

  • Compression, 2012

    Digital Pigment Print, 12"x29"

  • Continuum Reiterated, 2013

    Digital Composite Print, 20"x23"

  • Continuum, 2012

    Digital Composite Print, 24"x40"